General: AKAPP Multiconductor system has a unique concept. Based on free expansion of housing and conductors. Due to the absence of plug connectors, the conductors offer the most reliable transmission of energy and signals.
The ideal conductor system for cranes, conveyors, automated warehouses and many other applications

- Conductor housing for 7 uninterrupted conductors.
- Adjustable to almost all heights.
- Flexible sealing against dust, moisture and corrosion possible.
- Superb high travel speeds possible.
- Particularly suitable for transmission of control and data signals.
- Virtually maintenance free.
- Indoor and outdoor use.
- Continuous copper conductors.
- maximum power transmission.
- Volt drop absolute minimum and constant.
- Exceptionally long carbon brush life.
- Optimum transmission of control and data signals.

  • Features: - Current capacity of conductors: 35, 50, 80, 125, 160A and higher.
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