Mennens is ready to help you!

Once you have purchased lifting and hoisting tools, you will have them periodically inspected and tested. In short, the most natural thing in the world. This is only logical because these tools are only a part of your production process. Why should you worry about them?

Mennens does just that, and looks ahead! As a market leader and specialist, we support you with detailed expertise and well-considered advice. This means that you can work more safely, efficiently, sustainably, and cheaply. Not only today but also in the future.

For this reason, we also keep innovating by inventing and researching new applications, alternative techniques, and sophisticated resources. We make adjustments and improvements that always guarantee the top quality and excellent service that you rely on.

The specialist in steel cables and lifting and hoisting equipment
The world of lifting and hoisting is not all about expensive projects or equipment. Instead, it is about motivated, customer-focused and flexible employees. Mennens will set to work to resolve your problems straight away. An approach that also aims to achieve the most sustainable solution. Because after all, you cannot simply put a machine, ship, or crane on hold, they need to keep working for as long as possible.

More than 135 years of knowledge and experience has made Mennens the market leader in the Benelux. Our activities cover the whole spectrum: supply, installation, and assembly, inspection and certification, repair and maintenance, information and training.

Centralised approach
The Mennens Group has 6 independent branches. They all take the same approach with clearly defined, uniform processes. At the same time, we lay the emphasis on a local, recognisable service.

Regional approach!
We have more than 400 employees serving their own regions. This guarantees a dynamic approach with respect for regional differences. Because after all, the Belgians and the Dutch do things differently. Mennens believes it is extremely important that we are close to our customers. We always present products and services in accordance with the local requirements. The team is ready to help you straight away, wherever you are based.

Suppliers as partners
Mennens only collaborates with top producers. Most relationships have been in place for decades. For our customers, this means a guarantee of outstanding quality products plus systems that meet all the legal requirements and safety criteria. Our advisors are also assured of specialist support at all times.

Safety always comes first
Lifting and hoisting are by definition high-risk activities. Mennens tries to identify all the associated risks so that we can eliminate them as much as possible. To achieve this, we work closely with customers: not in the office, but with the knowledge and experience gained in the workplace.

An eye for costs
As a company, we keep a close watch on costs and returns. Mennens does not make luxury investments or enormous overhead costs. This basic attitude can be seen clearly in our day-to-day services.

Knowledge means competence
The world is changing, and we want to evolve with it. Mennens invests a lot of time and money in the training of its employees. We provide in-company training and our employees regularly follow courses and training. Moreover, the various Mennens branches are each ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EKH, and VCA certified.

Sharing knowledge with customers
Excellent information is essential to inform people of risks. Mennens organises lectures and courses about fall protection and lifting safety in the workplace. We adapt the training to each company’s specific situation.

Samenvatting podcast 'Mennens Belgium: dé specialist op vlak van staalkabel en hijs- en hefmiddelen'

Mennens Belgium is specialist op het gebied van staalkabel, hijs- en hefmiddelen en richt zich op het leveren van toegevoegde waarde met advies en maatwerkoplossingen. Met bijna 30 jaar ervaring in de branche, onderscheidt Mennens Belgium zich door een grote focus op de technische en kwalitatieve aspecten van het productassortiment en het bieden van duurzame oplossingen. Dit geldt zowel voor staalkabels als voor spreaders, hijsbalken, rolbruggen en meer.

Mennens Belgium besteedt veel aandacht aan de opleiding van haar medewerkers, zodat zij expert zijn in het adviseren en oplossen van specifieke klantvragen. Mennens Belgium werkt enkel business-to-business en bedient een grote variëteit aan klanten in de industrie, zoals havens, metaalbedrijven en Pfizer, met wie zij ook hebben samengewerkt voor de productie van COVID-19-vaccins.

Duurzaamheid is een belangrijke pijler voor Mennens Belgium, en het bedrijf maakt actief deel uit van initiatieven zoals het gebruik van rolstoppen gemaakt van gerecyclede petflessen en het terugnemen van gebruikte hijsbanden en rolstoppen voor recycling.