Jakob Rope Systems, your go-to for all your stainless steel projects

Mennens has been representing Jakob Rope Systems the very best in the field of stainless steel applications for more than 15 years. The sustainable solutions include inox cables with all possible end connections, barssystems for greenery, webnets, etc. But Mennens also develops complete custom-made projects. This collective expertise means that we can provide a solution for almost any challenge or situation.

Excellently trained installation teams

Every specific stainless-steel project is about innovation, functionality, and aesthetics, with a constant focus on Swiss quality. To guarantee sustainability and professionalism at all times, we work closely with installers and design agencies. Mennens also has its own high-quality installation teams that we use for the installation of inox cables and webnets.

Examples of stainless-steel projects by Mennens:


  • Helipad. We use webnets not only as an architectural eye-catcher but also as top-class fall protection.
  • Zoo. Mennens supplied a 2,720 m² webnet (mesh size 30 x 30 mm and 1.5 mm diameter) for the Savannah in the zoo so that you can get closer to the herd of Cape buffalo and 250 different species of bird.
  • Liège Trilogiport. The first Belgian and third European inland harbour (19 million tonnes in 2012). Mennens installed a sturdy railing with stainless-steel webnets.
  • Renovation of the new Scouthuis youth centre in Antwerp. The fire escape was turned into a real eye-catcher, as we installed no less than 380 m² of stainless-steel webnets (mesh size 80 x 141 mm and 2 mm diameter).
  • Webnet in the garden of the new lion enclosure at the Rotterdamse Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo.
  • Integration of webnet in the empty spaces at the new Palace of Justice in Amsterdam.