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Jib cranes

A jib crane raises the output of your machine and let's you work in a much easier way. By using a jib crane you can work faster and lift and move your materials in a safe and easy way.

At Mennens Belgium you can find for every sort of load the right jib crane. There are two types of jib cranes: pillar jib cranes and wall jib cranes.

  • A pillar jib crane or column mounted jib crane can turn 360 degrees and is attached to the ground.
  • A wall mounted jib crane is limited to 180 degrees and is mostly attached to a wall.

You can provide jib cranes with a manual hoist or with an electric hoist. It is best to let Mennens Belgium handle the installation of the jib crane, to ensure it is installed in a correct and safe manner.

Furthermore, we are also happy to help you with advice suitable for your business activities.

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