Steel wire ropes come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. Will it be 6 or 8 strands? Galvanized or ungalvanized? Regular or lang’s lay? Non-rotating or not? Compacted or not? And which wire rope fitting do you choose? Each application requires a specific approach. Get advice from our experts. 

Are you involved in the realization of an installation? Make sure you are informed in time about how to choose the right steel wire rope. We will consult with you to ensure the right steel wire rope contributes to a continuous operational and production process. And that the wire rope performs optimally in the specific situation. We also advise you on safe use and maintenance. 


Engineering advice 

Our experts have years of knowledge and expertise in steel wire rope applications. They delve into the construction or installation, the environment in which the wire rope will be used and the environmental conditions to which the steel wire rope will be exposed. 

They know the standards and which steel wire rope best suits which application. We are happy to assist you during engineering and give advice on, among other things:

  • rope construction
  • rope diameter
  • breaking load 
  • tensile strength
  • environmental influences
  • material types  
  • lubing
  • course of the wire rope
  • wire rope fittings
  • maintenance and inspection

Specific needs?

Let us inform you. At Mennens, we assemble steel wire ropes fully customized if desired. Ensuring your steel wire rope contributes to your intended result.

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