How can you reach any area in the workplace?

Making any workplace accessible for hoisting work is simple with a rail systemjib crane, or overhead crane (bridge crane). Mennens equips every system with the necessary hoists, points, curves, etc. and options such as an extremely low rolling resistance. The result? An internal transport system that runs very efficiently, ergonomically, and flexibly.

Transporting loads of 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 kg over a large working area in an instant? No problem! Looking for a specific design? The Mennens Project Department will work with you to create a system that meets all your specifications and wishes. 

Cranes of all types and weights

Mennens has a wide range of cranes. Most of these easily integrate into your commercial site and therefore do not require any major constructive adjustments.
Nevertheless, every situation demands a crane with specific options. This sometimes means a small investment and sometimes a large investment. It pays to invest time in the purchase. Our advisors will be happy to give you all the information you need and will provide a clear quote for:

  • Standard overhead cranes (bridge cranes) in various versions and for various applications.
  • Explosion-proof cranes: Mennens offers a full programme of explosion-proof cranes,
  • Cleanroom cranes:  found in the semi-conductor industrie, food, pharma and aerospace, for example. Read all about it on
  • Jib cranes: both wall-mounted jib cranes and pillar-mounted jib cranes, with or without a hand hoist or electric hoist. There is also a choice between manual crabs or electric crabs.
  • Portal cranes in various versions: can be transported on castors, mounted on rails, in aluminium or steel, with manual or electric hoists, etc. Mennens can install the most complex types.
  • (Chain) hoists: manually operated, electric or pneumatic. Can often also be used in explosion-proof areas.

Any specific questions?

About specifications, applications, possibilities, assembly, etc., contact us! 

Monorails for any process

Verlinde’s EUROSYSTEM 2000 system can take the form of a monorail, craneway, single-girder travelling crane, double-girder travelling crane, etc. In this way, you can make the monorail follow a specific route, possibly featuring points or a variable turntable. These are necessary to change the direction or build complex routes. The EUROSYSTEM 2000 system combines the advantages of aluminium profiles and traditional steel.
Examples of bridge cranes, cranes, and monorails installed by Mennens:

  • Bridge crane at AMG. Mennens supplied a double-girder crane (20 tonnes) with an 11.4 m span for a new hall at AMG. We provided the crane with a VT4 cable hoist.
  • For SESVanderHave, the market leader in sugar beet seeds, we installed a new bridge crane for use in the production process.

Een monorail kraan voor elk traject

Het EUROSYSTEM 2000-systeem van Verlinde neemt probleemloos de vorm aan van een monorail, loopweg, enkelligger-loopkraan, dubbelligger-loopkraan,... Zo kun je de monorail een specifiek traject laten volgen, al dan niet voorzien van wissels of een variabele draaischijf. Die zijn nodig om de richting te veranderen of complexe routes te bouwen. Het EUROSYSTEM 2000-systeem combineert de voordelen van aluminiumprofielen en traditioneel staal.