Outstanding in steel-cable installation


Steel cable is and remains one of the most important product groups at Mennens. We also have a huge amount of expertise in the area of cables, with roots going back to the Verto factories. Perhaps Lelis, Haggie Rand Europe or Hoisparner sound familiar too? All in all, steel cables hold few secrets for Mennens...The good news is that we make all this specific knowledge available to you. So be sure to take advantage of this!

Trust in expertise

Many users see steel cables as trivial products, a necessary evil. However, they are essential components that determine the smooth operation of your installation(s). So, to make the right choice, you need a lot of expertise. For example, do you know the difference between terms such as rotation-free, non-rotation-free, compressed, plastic interlayer, uncoated, galvanised, Warrington-seal, seal-filler, 6-strand, 8-strand, 10-strand, long-stroke, cross-lay, right-hand lay, left-hand lay? As you can see, it’s a complex subject!

Seamless integration!

You can come to Mennens for more than just your certified lifting and hoisting equipment, such as steel cables. We also integrate them seamlessly into your installation(s)! When you order steel cables from Mennens, we will come over with a professional team of qualified installers.

Steel cables for straddle carrierscontainer cranestower cranes, bridge cranes, etc.? We install each one with the required expertise, care, and attention. A must, because if a cable is installed in the wrong way, there is a risk of twisting or another kind of damage. And a poorly installed cable reduces its life span. So always contact the Mennens installation department.

Some of our steel cable installation projects:



  • Gottwald crane. Mennens handles the installation of Gottwald cables and replaces cables on straddle carriers, bridge cranes and container cranes, for example.
  • Mennens replaced the steel cables on the Brabo. A floating crane that can lift up to 800 tonnes.
  • Our riggers have already laid a large number of cables. Including a project in which we flawlessly installed 2 steel cables (34 mm diameter, length 350 m).



Extra information about steel cable installations can be found at your nearest Mennens branch.