Fall protection systems: a speciality of Mennens


Want to find out more about extraordinary fall protection systems? You have come to the right place with Mennens. Safe working at great height is a specialised field and requires expertise. Mennens is very experienced and skilled in fall protection. We install both horizontal and vertical fall protection systems. The wide range of fall protection solutions, from fall harnesses, lifelines and fasteners to anchor points and accessories and climbing equipment means that we can guarantee safety at any hazardous height.

EVACUATOR™, the ultimate survival tool at great height

What do you do when a fire makes it impossible to use lifts and emergency exits? Or if you can no longer leave a wind turbine in the usual way? The unique EVACUATOR™ rescues people at heights from 6 to 300 m. With this device you can descend safely and in a controlled manner using a practical cable.


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