Looking after every detail


No more worries about your lifting and hoisting equipment? You can depend on the professional services of an external partner. An excellently trained Mennens team can offer you a wide range of services such as from making an inventory of all your lifting and hoisting equipment, facilitating mandatory annual inspections, carrying out repairs, arranging maintenance and testing.

Belgium has statutory legislation for the inspection of lifting and hoisting equipment by EDTC (External Department for Technical Control in the workplace) for the statutory inspections.
The Netherlands use a different system. All Dutch Mennens branches are EKH (Licensed Inspection Firms for Hoisting and Lifting Equipment) certified and can, therefore, carry out all mandatory inspections.

Manufacturers sometimes impose mandatory inspection of their equipment by certified distributors. All Mennens branches (including the Belgian department) can carry out these inspections.
Our specialists, who attend frequent training courses provided by manufacturers, check, for example, permanent fall protection systemsclimbing equipment, magnets, etc. They know the equipment through and through and know exactly how to carry out this crucial work meticulously. 

Mennens uses for non-destructive testing of steel cable a unique system based on magnetism. This kind of unique testing is definitely the right way to find out whether it is necessary to replace an expensive, crucial cable.
Do you reuse sockets? No problem if the sockets are still in good condition. Mennens tests and recertifies all your sockets so that you can keep using them with confidence.

More information about inspection?

Mennens is happy to provide you with additional information about inspections of lifting equipment and the legal regulations involved. Feel free to contact us.

What is our approach to inspections?

In the Netherlands, visual inspections usually take place on site. A Mennens employee will visit with the right tools and basic parts to repair the most common failure items. If a product certificate is no longer valid after a visual inspection, we will have to test the item. Of course, we only carry out inspections as a guarantee, so that you can use your lifting and hoisting equipment safely. In Belgium, we are often asked to accompany the EDTC inspector. The reason for this is that simple repairs can be carried out immediately on site. More complicated repairs will be carried out in our own workshop.