Collector Trolleys Click Ductor C(L)7

The collector trolleys are available for systems with 4, 5 or 7 conductors and suitable for nominal current capacities of 35A, 70A and 100A (DC 60%). Applicable from -20°C up to +80°C (please note that the max. Temperature of the Click-Ductor housing is +50°C). Travel speed up to 80 m/min. The collector trolley series ‘CL’ are standard fitted with approx. 1m supply cable with numbered cores. Collector trolley series ‘C’ are delivered without cable. The collector trolleys of these series can easily be adapted, e.g. linking 2 collector trolleys together for increasing the maximum current capacity. The connection with the apparatus/machine to be fed is via a transition box (ordered separately) which can be located adjacent to the collector trolley towing arm position.

Type C(L)7/G:

C(L)7/G collector trolleys are equipped with wear-resistant gliding shoes, perfectly gliding over the surface of the rail housing and performing a very high stability of the collector trolley during moving.

Type C(L)7/GS:
C(L)7/GS collector trolleys are suitable for high-speed operation (up to 200 m/min.). Provided with extra long gliding shoes with integrated wheel set. An additional middle wheel set ensures maximum stability during travelling. See picture, table and selection chart.


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