Copper connections Click Ductor

The opposite segments of the copper conductors within each housing of a Click-Ductor system are connected to each other in a fast, simple and effective way.
Copper connectors are available with click or screwed fastening. Which type is applied, depends on the maximum current of the apparatus to be fed. Copper connectors with click fastening is applicable for copper conductors 50A, 80A and 110A. For higher current capacities copper connectors with screwed fastening should be used. The copper connections are covered by means of a joint clamp, consisting of 2 halves with a simple click fastening.


Copper connectors with click fastening:

Type Cu-C: For joining copper conductors 50A and 80A. The resilient brass clamps automatically click on the outer ends of the strips. A recess as provided within the clamp ensures that the strips will continuously be held together. The requiered number of connectors are to be ordered

Copper connectors with click fastening:
Type Cu-CL: For joining copper conductors 110A. These clamps are similar to the type Cu-C, however suitable for current capacities up to 110A (80% ID). On both sides a marking is provided (see drawing). The required number of connectors needs to be ordered
separately. For current capacities above 110A copper connectors with screw fastening are used (see below).

Copper connectors with screw fastening:
Type Cu-S:
For joining copper conductors 125A, 160A and 200A. The copper conductors are connected to each other by means of a solid screw fastening. The clamp consists of two halves, glided into each other. Fastening the nuts results in a very dependable and sure connection.
These systems with copper conductors 125A, 160A and 200A have pre-mounted clamps, that do not have to be ordered separately.

Joint clamp:
Type VC: plastic
The joint clamp consists of 2 half parts which can easily be mutually connected by means of a click-connection. The joint clamps have two recesses, which are provided at the inner side, in order to fasten the clamps and conductor housings. Available in protection degree IP23 and IP44.


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