Hanging and fixing of the housing click ductor

The principle of the AKAPP conductor bar systems with clicked or screwed conductors is based on the free expansion of the pvc housing and the internal conductors. The conductor housing is therefore suspended in sliding hangers in which these conductors - upon the occurrence of differences of expansion - can slide continuously and who are fixed at the feed point only by means of a fixed point clamp at the construction. Sliding hangers and fixed point clamps are available in 2 types, for maximal adaption to the environmental conditions.

Finishing of metal sliding hangers and joints:
Type Z - Galvanised, for normal indoor installations.
Type L - Galvanised + epoxy coated, for indoor and outdoor installations

Sliding hanger:
Type BN7-Z and Type BN7-L
The sliding hangers are fastened to the suspension frame by means of a bolt. As such the installation can be aligned vertically.
Centre distance of hanger supports:
1355 mm : all copper capacities; indoor and outdoor installations
2032 mm : all copper capacities; indoor installations only.

Fixed point clamp:
Type VMN7-Z and Type VMN7-L

The complete conductor installation is to be fastened to the suspension frame by means of a self-gripping fixed point clamp. As of this location, the conductor housing can slide freely in the sliding hangers when expansion differences, due to temperature variation, occurs.

Support bracket:
Type UH330 : l=330 mm, galvanised
Type UH500/(R) : l=500 mm, galvanised
Type UH700/(R) : l=700 mm, galvanised
Special length on request. These brackets have clamps attached to sliding nut assemblies thus facilitating a flexible mounting arrangement capable of accomodating various sizes of RSJ (INP) beams, allowing simple horizontal alignment.


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