Click-Ductor towing arm for collector trolleys

A towing arm is attached to the moving machinery and connected to the collector trolley via chains. The arrangement is such that when pulling in either direction one of the collector towing chains is taut, the other remaining slack. In this way lateral movements of the crane, hoist, etc. are not transmitted to the trolley. This tolerance provides ultimate security of service!

Standard performances towing arms:
Type BMV35 for collector trolleys 35A/40A
Type BMV70 for collector trolleys 70A
Type BMV100 for collector trolleys 100A

Also available in Stainless steel (Code with adddition -R)

  • Note: The towing connector on the arm should be installed 10 - 30 mm lower than the towing connection on the trolley and should be aligned directly below the housing opening in the vertical plane.

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