Multiconductor Rail Connection Material

The lengths of the housing are connected by means of standard joint clamps. There are 2 variations:
- standard metal joint clamp.
- ABS expansion joint clamp.
Metal joint clamps are available in 4 types.

Joint clamp:
Type VN7-Z, Type VN7-L, Type VN7-R and Type VN7-LR

The conductor housings are connected by means of a self-gripping joint clamp. The self-drilling screws, as supplied, ensure an extra firm connection with longer system lengths (from 80m length 2 pc. per joint; from 200m length 4 pc. per joint).

Insulating tape:
Type T50
(50 mm width, roll of 10 m)
This adhesive tape is used to ensure a permanent shroud around the housing, for both indoor and outdoor installations. 1 roll is sufficient for 35 joints.

Expansion joint:

Type KEV7
This ABS expansion joint is applied when a free expansion of the Multiconductor from one fixed point is not possible. E.g. with very long installations, racks in which there are several current supply connections, closed curved tracks, etc. The PVC housing is then fixed to the support construction with a fixed point clamp adjacent to an expansion gap at recommended positions. The rubber sealing at the inner side of the synthetic expansion joint clamp, together with the continuous AS7 sealing strips, also allows installations outdoors. Installations with expansion joints require collector trolleys type “../E”


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