Multiconductor Housing RN7 Range

The conductor housing RN7 is available in variations. The range of conductor housings enable the possibility to optimally gear your installation to the operating conditions. However, it is possible to easily apply variations in the existing application of the (copper) conductors, in order to adjust your installation to the changes within your Multi-conductor housing RN7: innumerable possibilities and variations!
Operational conditions: All types of conductor housings can be applied to installations provided with a transfer guide and/or entry points. The conductor housings RN7, RN7W and RNHS7 can be installed in installations with curved tracks as well. All types of conductor housings can be provided with flexible, rubber sealing strips AS7.

Standard types:
Type RN7:
The most frequent applied conductor housing. Suitable for nearly all installations, within the temperate range.
-Colour: signal red.
-Temperature range as of -30 °C up to +60 °C.
Type RN7W: At the occurrence a significant radiant heat, as applicable in greenhouses, it is advised to use a white
conductor housing. Dimensions are equal to the dimension of RN7.
-Colour: white.
-Temperature range as of -30 °C up to +60 °C.
Type RNV7: When the ambient temperature is up to 80 °C, this type of conductor can be applied. Dimensions are equal to the dimension of RN7.
- Colour: gray white.
- Temperature range as of -20 °C up to +80 °C.
Type RNHS7: Due to the spacer strips, positioned at the bottom side, this type of conductor housing is extremely suitable for installations positioned on a low level which are susceptible to splashing water.
- Colour: signal red.
- Temperature range as of -30 °C up to +60 °C.

Features and benefits:
7 copper channels
5 types of conductors
- Yellow uninterrupted earth marking
- Feed and control in one single housing
- Easy installation
- Compact construction
- Anti-reverse rib
- Dust, moisture and corrosion-sealing
- Safety first: The PVC-housing is self-extinguishing and has a conspicuous red colour.
- No expansion problems


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