Collector Trolleys Click Ductor CL4-40/G

AKAPP offers the possibility to use a singular collector trolley, type CL4-40/G, with double brushes. This trolley applies to the IEC 60204. standard, describing the situations whereas conductor bar systems need to apply double carbon brushes.
The CL4-40/G trolley is an excellent and very cost effective solution for those cases whereas the above standard is applied. In addition, the CL4-40 will improve the cost effectiveness of systems that are controlled by frequency inverters.
The CL4-40/G is a 4 pole trolley, capacity 40 Amps at 60% duty cycle. Applicable from -20°C up to +80°C (attention: the max. temperature of the Click-Ductor housing is +50°C). The CL4-40/G uses twin carbon brushes C91D for phases and special twin ground brushes C91DA. All CL4-40/G trolleys are available with cable lengths of 1m (standard), 2m, 3m, 4m or 5m. For cable lengths other than 1m, add /2M, /3M, /4M or /5M
to the type description.

Standard collector trolleys:
Type CL4-40/G
4-pole trolley with standard wheels. Max. speed 80 m/min. For all RC-types of housings. Standard fitted with 1m cable. Note: Trolleys without cable are also possible. Please cancel the “L” in the type description; e.g. type ‘C4-40’ is a 40 Amps trolley without cable. The table shows an overview of available collector trolley types with the respective article numbers.

Collector trolley assemblies:
Type CL4-40/G/BMV/TTB (art. no. 1088650)
For easy ordering, we created a fully assembled version of the collector trolley CL4-40/G, complete with towing arm BMV35 and trolley transition box TTB35.


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