Akapp Festoon system Type 150- General

Safe, effective and economical means of transporting feeding and control cables and hoses for:
- uninterrupted electrical feeding and control of all movable apparatus such as cranes, hoists and many other apparatus for internal transport, machines or tools.
- uninterrupted supply of gasses and/or liquids to movable machines or tools e.g. welding and cutting machines, pressure air and hydraulic systems, washing and sprinkler installations. AKAPP Festoon systems are used in many applications world-wide, indoors and outdoors, under the most divergent environmental conditions.

-Longer life cycle of your cables and hoses
-Easy and fast mounting
-Practically no maintenance
-Easy to extend
-Solid construction
-Seamless profile connections

An AKAPP festoon installation contains the following components:
A. track (C-profile)
B. support bracket
C. splice joint
D. end stop
E. end clamp
F. cable trolley
G. towing trolley, or
H. mobile pendant

AKAPP Festoon systems are also available in other sizes and as Square tube track system or I-profile system.

  • Features: -Optimal reliability


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