CREAXESS Mobile access steps with platform

Mobile access or work platforms with easy-going steps. Ideal for work over long periods, even with tools and frequent changes of working position. Large-area platform with guardrail for safe and ergonomic working at heights.

Features and benefits:

  • Different angles of inclination: 45° for comfortable access, 60° for confined spaces.
  • Serrated aluminium (R10) step and platform surfaces as standard. Steel gratings (R12) and perforated steel plates (R13) are also available for higher non-slip performance.
  • Cantilever platform available for bridging obstacles.
  • An antistatic version of the chassis is also available.
  • Customised guardrail configuration on the platform, with optional swing door or pole barrier.
  • Quick and simple assembly with the ZARGES connection system with a high level of pre-assembly.
  • Selection of tread widths 600 mm, 800 mm or 1000 mm.
  • Individually adjustable platform lengths.
  • Narrow chassis: the chassis width is reduced to a minimum through additional ballasting.
  • Maximum flexibility with optional handrails and guardrails which can be removed without tools.

We recommend equipping the product in accordance with the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (ProdSG) with two-sided handrails and, for steps with platforms or maintenance platforms, all-round fall protection (e.g. guardrails). If handrails or guardrails are not desired, the operator must ensure sufficient regulatory protection.

  • Standard applied: DIN EN ISO 14 122.

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