Electric Winch Type EN EMCE

General: A range of electric self braking worm gear winches, developed conform to the European norms for lifting winches, specially to P-82-NEN 3508-K3 and DIN 15020-1AM with long life service. The self braking worm gearbox is combined with an automatic fail-safe motor brake for precise load control. On types EN 580 to EN1700 a grooved drum is fitted as standard according to the CE norm. A grooved drum ensures long service life for the cable.

Standard features:
- Self braking worm gear transission.
- IP 54 aluminium braked motor 400 VAC / 3 phase / 50 Hz.
- Grooved steel drum (not grooved on EN 200, EN 450) with cable fixing point at flange.
- Single drum support (EN 200, EN 450).
- Two drum supports (all other models).
- Double layer 2 component conservation, colour RAL 5010.


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