VT 9-10-11-12 Electrical Cable Hoist

Electric wire rope hoist for loads from 10.000 up to 250 000 kg.
This range of electric wire rope hoists makes it possible to provide technical responses to your search for :
- Greater lifting capacity (from 10 to 250 tonnes).
- Lifting height (up to 103.6 m).
- Group use (ISO classification up to M6).
- Lifting speed.
- Speed control (variable speed drive).

Technical characteristics:
- High performance hoisting motor.
- Variable lifting speed drive with closed loop technology.
- Variable speed drive for travelling.
- Lifting motor with encoders.
- High safety hoisting and travelling brake (disk brake).
- High-performance cast rope guide.
- 4 step gear limit switches for lifting.
- Double safety system for end of travel lifting (limit switches with detection of top and bottom position together with a limit switch tripped by the rope lead-off).
- 2 steps travelling limits switches included as standard.
- System for monitoring the state of the hoist : MT2.
- Intelligence brake monitoring by inverter drive with detection of the load slip or blocking.
- Overload protection.
- IP55 components.
- F/H class of hoisting motor insulation, IP55 protection.
- Thermal protections on the lifting and travelling motors.
- “Ready-to-use” connection units. MT2 to be configured on the site.
- Connection units with interior lighting.
- 108 dB horn.
- PLIOTEX cable marking.
- Epoxy resin painting (thickness : 120 μm).

- Fixed maintenance platform.
- Second lifting brake.
- An ESR speed management system depending on the load (high speed for moving a small load).
- Remote radio control system.
- Sound warning system (horn at 120dB).
- Area lighting.
- Ramshorm hook.
- Stainless steel electrical cubicle.
- Heating system for the lifting and travelling motors.
- Heating system for electrical cubicles. (lifting, translation, travelling).
- Heating system for the push button box.
- Ventilation system for electrical cubicles (lifting, translation, travelling).
- Anti-derailment system for the hoist trolley and the bases of the overhead travelling cranes.
- Guidance system for the hoist trolley’s wheels.
- Crash-protection system for the overhead travelling crane.
- Lubrication unit.
- Protection from the rain.
- Rope pressure roller.
- Fixed version available.
- Hoist sold without electrification.
- Dedicated overhead crane kit available (end carriages, electrification, etc.).


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