Electric Chain Hoist LIFTKET 4.000 – 25.000 kg

The LIFTKET product portfolio offers you standardized hoists that can be adjusted to your requirements in a modular way, as well as highly specialized solutions. Larger lifting and operating heights are just as viable as deviating voltages and special solutions of any kind.


  • Power supply 400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
  • From 4.000 kg to 25.000 kg we lift everything that moves you
  • FEM ratings from Fem 1Bm to 4m (ISO M3 to M7)
  • Protection class IP55, insulation class F
  • Galvanized load chain to DIN 818-7 quality class DAT
  • A wide range of options can be selected as standard
  • Optional one or two lifting speeds from 2 to 32 m/min.
  • With heavy-duty end position switch-off as standard (at 24VAC)
  • Up to 200 meters high safely and anywhere
  • Patented safety-brake-clutch system
  • Modular hoist design
  • Simply and cost effective maintenance and repair
  • A unique ID makes it possible to trace exactly when a particular electric chain hoist was built by whom and with which materials – even after 10 years

Trolleys/Boogies: Manual or electric trolleys in various designs for each steel section girder.

  • Marking: CE-marked
  • Note: Standard version delivered with lifting eye (connection between crane and trolley). Alternatively, comes with suspension hook. Standard stock hoist with 6 m lifting height.


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