Rescue Kit Mark 1 Plus

The Rescue Kit Mark 1 Plus is a complete kit and contains:
Mark 1 Plus device A-031
2 carbiners (Stak Tri & Ovaloy Tri)
11 mm static rope R-079-WE at your selected length
Rope bag ACS-0002 (size depending on rope length)

Extra info Mark 1 Plus: The abseil device Mark 1 Plus is the only repelling device meeting EN 341-2A:2011 and EN 12841-C:2006.Usage according to EN 341-2A: In combination with the Skylotec Super Static 11 mm-rope, Mark 1 Plus can be used with weights 30 - 160kg and a max. abseil height of 190m.Usage according to EN 12841-C: In combination with ropes meeting EN 1891-A , Mark 1 Plus can be used with ropes between 9 - 12mm. Max. weight load: 9mm = 130kg 10-12mm = 200kg with panic feature.

  • Material: Aluminium (Anodised)
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Temperature range: -35°C up to 60°C
  • Standard: EN 341, EN 12841


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