DYNICE Warp Winch Ropes

Specialized high performance rope for extreme deep sea lowering and lifting and towing fishing trawls and it is an excellent choice as winch wire rope replacement.
DynIce Warp is proven to use on drum winches both in fishing and offshore and is very suitable for traction winches.

Design: 6 different layers to make the line with very high cross-sectional stability and axial stiffness. The rope is a heat set and stretched rope with plastic core to ensure firmness and roundness and a durable cover of Dyneema®overbraid is moulded on the main rope. The main strength member and the cover is braided ensuring that the rope is totally balanced and torque free and will not untwist at any load.

  • Note: The density is 0,96 and the rope is floating but if needed the density can be adjusted up to 1,20 to ensure that the rope is sinking.


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