Gantry Crane - Motorized - Portmot

Available Capacities from 1000 kg up to 6300 kg 
Available Span from 3m up to 10m.

Many manufacturers already have this kind of product but this one sets itself apart by its capacity to move a load up to 6.3 T by rolling and turning in every directions directly on the floor thanks to a button box or a remote control. Indeed, you do not need to modify your building by installing a rail or by drilling the floor. When an overhead crane is too expensive or simply impossible to install, this gantry crane provides you a reliable lifting solution. Available with a span up to 10 M and a height of 6 M as standard, the motorized gantry crane is also giving you the possibility to bring easily a heavy load from a workshop to another. The safety of use is ensured thanks to 4 bumpers. The gantry also has the possibility to turn on itself by reversing the direction of the motors and the collector connected to the power supply will allow the user to make 360°.

  • Motorized gantry crane for indoor use
  • Use on a smooth and clean floor
  • Welded construction
  • 2 Motorized non swivel polyurethane wheels
  • 2 Castor polyurethane wheels
  • Electrical equipment with mobile pendant (low voltage 48 V)
  • 2 travelling speeds 10m / min and 20m / min with inverter
  • Swiveling of the gantry by inversion of the motors
  • Swiveling in low speed
  • Reversing switch on the pendant
  • 4 safety full stops
  • Protection: polyester powder painting 60 microns C2
  • RAL 1028 yellow finish
  • Maximum hoisting speed = 16m / min
  • Maximum traveling speed = 10m / min


  • Reel
  • Remote control
  • Batteries
  • Outdoor configuration on request
  • Marking: CE-marked

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