Fast Reeve Crane Blocks 4 sheave

- Standard Reeve Crane Blocks may be used on a wide variety of land based cranes such as mobile and crawler cranes. They are an excellent choice where frequent block change is required.
- Double sealed maintenance free roller bearings.
- Design Factor of Safety of 4:1.
- Forged high tensile steel DIN hooks.
- Ductile iron sheaves, featuring graphite lubricated groove.
- High impact resistant side plates.
- Operational temperature range -40 up to +80°C.
- Lubrication on hook suspension.
- 4 or 8 point hook locking device.
- Fast reeve guide for fast reeving.
- Safety latch with locking pin.
- C3M finish in signal yellow with black striping.

- Double hook.
- Double hook with shackle hole.
- Quad hook.
- Shackle stud eye.

Inquiries for custom versions are welcome!


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