Nylon Rope White 3-Strand

Very strong synthetic fibre rope with excellent shock absorption properties. High elongation makes this rope ideal for towing and mooring applications. Nylon ropes offer greater break load strength than polyester and polysteel. Please note that all nylon ropes absorb water and as a consequence the ropes strength will be reduced when wet.

Material: Polyamid/multifilament. Fibres extracts out part as monofilament part as multifilament. It is a strong rope and has a high elongation under load, but goes back to its original length. Nylon has high energy absorbation under shock and good abration resistance. It has a flexible and smooth construction. It's resistant against alkalies and rot, but doesn't handle acid as well as polypropylen.

Specific gravity: 1.14 (sinks).
Melting point: 250°C.
Elongation: 26%.
Strength wet/dry: 85-90%.
Shock absorption: Excellent.
Water absorption: Yes.
Abrasion resistance: Very good.
Standard: EN ISO 1140:2004.

  • Finish: White.


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