Rope produced of polyamid/multifilament, and used as flag line.

Design: 1-8 mm cross braided, 10-22 mm 16-part braided nylon. UV resistant.

Specific gravity: 1,14.
Melting point: 250°C.

  • Material: Polyamid/multifilament. It is a strong rope resistant to rot and alkalies. It has a high elongation, but goes back to its original length.
  • Finish: White.
    Nylon Rope, Plaited
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    Part Code Diameter
    12.08PAE010SPL100 1 100
    12.08PAE020SPL100 2 100
    12.08PAE030SPL100 3 100
    12.08PAE040SPL100 4 100
    12.08PAE050SPL100 5 100
    12.08PAE060SPL100 6 100
    12.08PAE080SPL100 8 100