DYNICE Deep Sea Ropes

The DYNICE Deep Sea Rope is for heavy lifts and extreme deep sea lowering and lifting. As the rope is lighter than water and floating there is no depth limitations when using it. This rope can easily be used up to 3000 meters deep.

Design: 12 strand braided, with durable impregnation and with either cover of polyester or Dyneema®, or a blend of those materials.

Comparison of steel wire rope and DYNICE Deep Sea:
Steel wire rope 56 mm: MBL 264 tons.
SF 7 = WLL: 38 tons.
Weight on deck: 41 tons.

DYNICE Deep Sea 56 mm: MBL 266 tons
SF 7 = WLL: 38 tons.
Weight on deck: 6 tons.

  • Material: Dyneema®.


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