MR multirailclamp

The MR Multi-rail grabs have been designed to facilitate the fastbulk handling of a specific rail section (details to be advised at time of order). Rails are locked onto the clamp by swivelling feet that locate under the rail-head and top clamp body that rotates in a cam actionpressing a hard rubber lined horizontal beam onto the top of the rail-head. The rubber lined contact beam prevents marking or damage to the rail-head.Two clamps are recommended at centres of 50% to 60% of raillength for rails up to 20 mtr long. For rails longer than 20mtr, three clamps at centre distance between outer clamps of 65% to 75%of rail length must be used. (NB. Clamp must be within rated WLL). Rails to be lifted must be stacked with bottom flange toes touching. All rails must be of the same rail section size.


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