Pillar jib crane, underbraced, 360°: PRT

Appropriate for an indoor or outdoor use, the beam of the PRT is built on an I beam profile designed for an intensive use. The total rotation is on 360 ° and can be assisted by an engine (optional).The optional installation of a hoist motor direction is possible.

Floor fixing is effected by chemical anchors or anchor rods with foundation.

This model has a wide range of mechanical and electrical options.


  • Installation template + anchor rods (or base plate for chemical anchors, keeping its limitations in mind).
  • Motorization on main roller (indoor use).
  • Top-mounted motorization (outdoor use).
  • Hoist power supply cable.
  • Lockable main switch.
  • 4-ring electrical collector, for unlimited rotation.
  • Hot dip galvanizing (contact us).
  • Rotation stops to weld onto the assembly.
  • Single- or multipositions rotation lock.
  • Outdoor use.
  • Electric or manual hoist.


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