Swivel Eye Bolt Codipro SEB UP

The SEB lifting ring is a single swivel ring. Equipped with 2 pins that always guide it perfectly in the direction of the sling. It is specially designed for lifting, including rotating loads.


  • Gradup steel ring that has a rotating range of 360°.
  • Swivelling under load
  • Safe alternative to C15 DIN 580 eye bolts.
  • Torque key adaptor available on request. 
  • Material: High tensile steel
  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Temperature range: -20°C up to +200°C
  • Standard: EN 1677-1
    except grade/WLL
  • Note: On request the product can be certified for lashing.
  • Safety factor: 5:1


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