Coil Hook Type CKPM


For medium and large loads and coil widths. A separate stand should be used for the coil when it is discharged. See the introductory text above in the section on C-hooks.

Design: Low profile where there is limited headroom. The counterbalance ensures that the fork is always in a horizontal position, regardless of whether the hook is empty or loaded. Arched plate on top section helps to protect the coils.

Proof: 1,5 x WLL.

  • Material: Plate of high-strength structural steel.
  • Marking: Type, working load limit, maximum coil width and CE marking.
  • Finish: Yellow painted.
  • Note: We recommend the use a of 2-leg chain sling, headroom permitting as an increase in dimension L provides better balance.
  • Safety factor: 1,5 x WLL.


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