Pillar Jib Crane Articulated PFA

Appropriate for an indoor or outdoor use, this articulated jib crane has a very reduced headroom. The first arm can rotate 270° and the second 300°. The articulated structure facilitates the movement of loads in a cluttered environment. This model is restricted to only manual rotations.
Floor fixing is effected by chemical anchors or anchor rods with foundation.
A full range of accessories is available.


  • Installation template + anchor rods (or base plate for chemical anchors, keeping its limitations in mind)
  • Hoist power supply cable
  • Lockable main switch
  • Rotation slowing device (adaptable without welding or mechanical intervention)
  • Option of a slowing device on each arm
  • Hot dip galvanizing (contact us)
  • Rotation stops to weld onto the assembly, or adjustable, on 1 arm
  • Single- or multipositions rotation lock (arm 1 only)
  • Outdoor use
  • Electric or manual hoist

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