Wire Rope Grip Eureka

Wire rope grip approved for lifting.

Note: The wire rope grip can be used with 6 or 8-strand steel wire ropes with steel or fiber core, in a wire rope quality of up to 1960 N/mm2. When properly assembled, the assembly can handle up to 90% of the minimum breaking load of the steel wire rope (MBL). 
Not for use with compacted or hammered wire ropes.
It is not recommended to use plastic covered ropes for lifting purposes with wire rope clamps.
Follow the fitting instructions in the user manual before use.

  • Material: 4-5 and 6 mm are casted, the rest are dropforged.
  • Finish: 4-5 and 6 mm zinc-plating, the rest hot dip galvanizing.
  • Warning: In case the clamps half-parts tangent each other when tightening the bolts, a smaller EUREKA wire clamp shall be used.


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