The Branach EuroMaster Premium Step Platform not only conforms to the EN 131-7 standard, it exceeds it. With features including raised legs, step covers and a rear safety rail, this platform is designed to deliver exceptional performance, while keeping your workers safe.


  • Lightweight and durable yet load rated to 150kgs.
  • Sure Step Covers give the user more control and comfort when working at height, while ensuring equal step distance.
  • Stongbox joining system gives unparalleled performance in strength and stability.
  • Fully integrated front and rear safety rail situated at 0.96m above the deck.
  • Fibreglass construction so workers are isolated from the ground making the product suitable for electrical work.
  • Raised legs enabling the platform to straddle obstructions on the ground and get 4 points of base support.
  • Material: Stiles: Fibreglass ISO-PE resin with e-glass fibre. Platform and steps: Alloy Steel
  • Marking: According to standard
  • Standard: EN 131-7: 2013
  • Note: Max. load rate 150 kg.
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Part Code Platform height
Number of steps Open height
Closed height
19.99FPEPM06 0,57 2 1,53 1,72 15,8
19.99FPEPM09 0,86 3 1,82 2,01 17,1
19.99FPEPM12 1,15 4 2,11 2,3 18,7
19.99FPEPM14 1,44 5 2,39 2,59 21,3
19.99FPEPM17 1,72 6 2,68 2,88 22,9
19.99FPEPM20 2,01 7 2,97 3,16 27,3
19.99FPEPM23 2,3 8 3,25 3,45 28,9
19.99FPEPM26 2,58 9 3,54 3,74 30,8
19.99FPEPM29 2,87 10 3,83 4,04 32,5
Number of steps is including platform

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