Huchez electric winch TRBoxter CD- direct control

Electric winch for load from 250 up to 990 kg with direct control.
Multifunctional electric winch offering many rope attachments, rope outlets and options. Robust and compact, it benefits of a high operating factor for all kind of applications such as for example: Industrial applications, Building and public works, Theatre applications, Integration into many types of devices, cranes, material lifts etc.

Technical properties:
- Welded steel drum.
- Aluminium casing.
- The direct control is used only with weather protection.
- Asynchronous, single phase motors (230 V – 50 Hz P=0.75 or 1.1 kW depending on the models)
- Threephase motors (230/400 V – 50 Hz P= 0.75 or 1.1 kW depending on the models).
- Reducer sealed in oil bath with helical gears.
- Conical brake incorporated into the motor.
- 230 V single/380 V three-phase remote control, IP 65 protection.

- Limit switch. Only available on single phase models. For three-phase models, it has to be incorporated into the installation otherwise choice will go to a low voltage model.
- Lengthened drum models. Wirerope capacity will increase by 1.5 x standard capacity.


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