In today’s business, corporate social responsibility is a must. In fact: it’s one of Mennens’ focal points. Four essential values determine our daily operations:

Equality at all levels

Our employees’ input helps us to reach our goal: being an attractive employer. After all, it’s only through satisfied and efficient employees that we can provide the best service. So, we really listen to our employees and regularly ask for their opinion. To this end, we conduct annual surveys through an external and independent partner. 

Mennens treats all employees equally without making distinctions on the basis of gender, age, experience, education level, or ethnic background. Mixed groups are extremely important to the company’s smooth operation. Therefore, we actively combat discrimination, bullying, or other forms of unacceptable behaviour in the workplace.

Low impact on the environment

Efforts to reduce our impact on the environment? A specially appointed group manager develops projects in four areas: transport (people and goods), energy consumption, environmentally-friendly products, and recycling. The local branches then implement the innovative ideas. 

Our service engineers also help customers with, for example, choosing the right cables, greasing cables (with environmentally-friendly products), etc. Such targeted advice and maintenance, of course, extends the lifespan of products and installations. 

Sustainable relationships

Our objective is to build stable, long-term relationships with suppliers. For this purpose, we have a clear code of conduct. For example, Mennens requires that suppliers treat their employees respectfully and allow them to work safely. We also set high demands in terms of environmental friendliness.

Local engagement

Mennens believes it is very important to be engaged in the local community. We therefore actively support projects in the field of sports, education, the environment, and more. 

Sustainable development

Mennens is part of Axel Johnsson International and its group-wide sustainability work. Sustainability is one of the group´s guiding principles and a fundamental part of the business strategy. Axel Johnsson International believes in businesses as a driving force for change. Learn more about how the group works towards a more sustainable industry on Axel Johnsson International´s dedicated sustainability website.